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I have been a Reiki practitioner for 10 years.  I first became a Reiki Master in 2003.  I have changed immensely since then!


What is Reiki?

Here are some facts to help answer this complex question
In the hectic world we live in, Reiki is a wonderful way to relieve us from the stress and emotional tension that our day to day living brings.

  • Reiki rebalances the mind, body and soul.

  • Reiki gives you quiet "me time"

  • Reiki always works for the higher and greater good of the person receiving the Reiki energy.

  • Experience the bliss of deep relaxation.

  • Reiki is a non invasive treatment as the client remains fully clothed.

  • The Reiki treatment itself is flexible as it can be done with the client lying on a therapy bed or they can sit in a chair. 


How long is the treatment?

A short Reiki session lasts approximately 30 minutes - 20.00
A full Reiki treatment last approximately 1 hr 30 minutes - 35.00
A Reiki treatment in a chair lasts approximately 30 minutes - 15.00
Please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first appointment as a short consultation form will be completed.

Please note that home visits will incur a charge for petrol and time spent traveling to your property

2011 rate is 5.00

Reiki Treatments - Where do I practice from?

I work at the following venues

The Birmingham Holistic Health Centre, 
Kings Norton

on Tuesday's and offer Reiki
treatments on other evenings too.


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Norrington Road



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Wheelers Lane



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I also provide home visits by arrangement so that you can enjoy a Reiki treatment within your own home.
Please be aware that home visits will slightly increase the cost of your therapy. Click here for prices
Give me a call today on this number to discuss your individual treatment requirements:

I look forward to facilitating you along your journey through life.  Namaste xx