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My Crystal Journey
My mom said that I always liked sparkly, shiny bright-coloured things. Even as a young child, I would collect pretty and unusual stones whilst on holiday. I used to love to go down to the beach early in the morning to collect seashells.
As I grew older, I loved wearing pretty beads. I loved any jewellery with sparkly stones.
A few years ago, I decided I wanted to learn more about crystals.  I wanted to know why I was attracted to particular colours. I always loved purple. My husband and I had started to pick up little crystals as we visited different places. Wherever we went, we were drawn to crystal shops and we loved chatting to the people about our passion for crystals.

We were in Kings Heath, Birmingham and decided to pop into a local crystal shop. We started chatting to the assistants and really were impressed by their knowledge of crystals. I asked them if they knew of anyone in the area who was doing an Introduction to Crystals course. I was amazed by their reply. 'We are doing a Course!'  Total Synchronicity! We were talking to people who were about to transform our lives. They introduced themselves as Jason and Louise from Discover Serenity and the rest is history!

Crystal Courses
Myself and Clive have done many crystal courses with Jason and Louise.  Each time we go on a course we learn a little more about a subject we've grown to love.

A Life-changing moment on my Crystal Journey
On the first evening of my introduction to crystals course, I had an experience that totally changed my perception of crystals. We had to pair up and choose certain crystals that we were drawn to. The person that I paired up with chose several kyanite for me and put them along my hand.  During the quick session, I saw one of the kyanite's lift up, hover then shoot across the other side of the room. I was mesmerized by what I'd just witnessed!  Jason later explained to me that this crystal had done it's job and 'was off!' Crystals are little healers.

The Crystal Cave - the origins
The 'Crystal Cave' was originally set up to provide energetically clean, good quality and affordable 'healing**' crystals to people interested in crystal therapy. Jason and Louise started running a small 'introduction to crystal therapy workshop' from an even smaller room above a shop in Kings Heath, Birmingham. They soon found after running several courses an overwhelming demand for a longer, more in-depth course which would include full professional accreditation. It was then that Jason and Louise launched their NOCN Crystal Therapy Diploma. Prior to this, introduction workshops had proved so successful that Jason and Louise were continually asked by their students 'where can we source beautiful crystals, from a source we trust, once our course is over. Jason and Louise therefore started the now famous 'Crystal Cave'.

After several years, and several changes to the crystal cave, Jason and Louise found that their core business was changing from training and readings to that of writing books and producing spiritual art. This transition happened fully in 2011 with Louise securing a partnership in a publishing house, called the 'HotHive', printing Mind, Body, Spirit books and Jason becoming an intuitive, healing artist; you can find more information about Louise and Jason by following this link and the HotHive by following this link.

Despite the shift in business focus, Louise and Jason always stuck to the core principles that people should be able to access the wonderful world of crystals and crystal therapy at a reasonable cost. They therefore looked for 'new' people to take over the running of the 'crystal cave' - a sort of 'Crystal Cave2' as it were.


'We wanted to find someone who was as passionate about crystal as we are.'    
says Jason,

'We count our blessings daily that we found them in Julie and Clive. We know that they will do an awesome job in furthering the crystal cave, taking it in their own direction and with their own energy.

We know that they will bring their love and energy to each and every crystal that you buy


**a distinction here is made between gem crystal - used in jewellery and other crystal. 'healing' in no ways implied a substitute for medical
intervention or miraculous cures of any sort. In accepting these crystal 'heal' you accept that they form
part of complimentary therapy and all of its connotations and precursors.


We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality crystals.  Available as tumble stones and bracelets.

  Another Synchronistic Moment
I was very happy with doing Reiki treatments at the Holistic centre but knew I needed to have something more to offer when I go to events. Myself and Clive bought some little crystals from the internet.  We were busy selling them at a Mind, Body and Spirit show in Edgbaston when we saw our great friends Jason and Louise.  They offered us their Crystal Cave business and the rest is history!!!

Myself and Clive have been on the most fantastic journey .. crystals have changed our lives for the better.  We feel enriched by having them in our home.  We have called our home 'The Crystal House'.  We hope you grow to love crystals too as much as we love sharing the wonder of crystals!

Buying Local
At 'The Crystal Cave, we try to source all of our stock from local producers; for instance local jewellery producers 'Fran Bridle' and Wendy Tomkins



Julie loves choosing the gem necklaces from Fran's extensive range.  All these gem necklaces are designed by Fran Bridle.  Each one is unique, a bit like Julie and Fran!


Julie chatting to a regular Paul.  He is a Reiki Master who is passionate about crystals.

  That Personal Touch
At 'The Crystal Cave, we always have time for a chat and a chatch-up. Even though it's very busy you will always find us more than willing to find out how YOU are.

Looking for that perfect Crystal but don't know much about them? don't worry - Julie is always on hand to tell you about them, their properties and there is no worry about forgetting this information as Julie will write it on your bag so that you can remember it when you get home.





Julie will label each crystal for you.  Just ask as we are here to help you get to know your crystal.



The Crystal Cave Gallery


Clive with Louise of DiscoverSerenity Holistic Solutions

Louise of DiscoverSerenity Holistic Solutions pops in to say hello. Jason and Louise support Julie and Clive in the Crystal Cave and think it's awesome.