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A Little About Julie?


"Julie is simply one of the most honest and dedicated people I have ever known, a well respected Master Reiki teacher Practitioner who’s intuitive healing through the medium of Reiki makes her sought after by many who have had the privilege to experience this gentle soothing form of healing that she delivers. 


Julie is living proof that out of our worst moments there lies the possibility of another way in life..." 

Stuart Morris, Manager of Birmingham

Holistic Health Centre.



"I have been going through a very difficult year.  The emotional impact has been that I have felt uptight, stressed, over tired and at times very ‘flat’.  Such emotions have a physical impact too. I found the time Julie invested in ensuring I was relaxed, through the use of visualisation, prior to beginning the Reiki really helped me.  I fully relaxed during the Reiki session, spending large amounts of time asleep.  This in itself was a bonus, as at the time of my 1st session, my youngest child was around 14 months old and still not sleeping through!

 At the end of each session that I’ve had with Julie, I’ve felt as if all the negative ‘stuff’ within me had gone.  Whilst my problems had not been resolved I felt able to manage them without feeling the same level of tense, negativity. I had also found that anger was consuming me on a regular basis, but this completely subsided post Reiki. 

I fully believe that regular Reiki sessions with Julie will enable me to keep my emotions better balanced, particularly during difficult times. Part of Julie’s success is that she is a kind, empathetic person, who genuinely cares about others."

Ms. Smith