Hello and  welcome to Julie's Rainbow Reiki


A Little About Julie?


A Traumatic Beginning

A personal trauma in my life lead me into Reiki and I found peace and meaning to a life changing event that completely shook my world and its whole foundation. In 2000, my husband died aged 34 and this trauma left me with insomnia, sleep deprivation which eventually made me ill and prone to one infection after another.  I felt completely demoralised and emotionally and physically worn out.

In 2001, I started to have Reiki treatments.  I had a taster session which lasted for about 20 minutes.  I went home and immediately fell asleep.  I slept soundly for 2 hours!  I was amazed and grateful as I knew I’d found something really special.  It was the turning point on my healing journey. I contacted the Reiki Master and had a Reiki treatment every week for the next 6 weeks.  The treatments always made me feel very relaxed and made me forget my troubles.  Reiki soothed my chaotic mind!

In 2002, I decided that I wanted to learn Reiki so that I could help ‘share the wonder’. I completed Reiki I and II in 2002.  I commenced my Reiki Master training at the beginning of 2003. What a fabulous learning curve! I found a pathway of healing through Reiki and began to incorporate the philosophy and self healing which gently led me towards an understanding based around the principles of Reiki. Reiki became my saving grace and one that I am now finally able to share.


My Reiki journey has been an interesting one!  In 2006, I severely damaged the tendons in my left arm.  I was in excruciating pain.  I was guided to have regular Reiki treatments from Kate Jones. The regular Reiki treatments helped me to heal on many levels. It looked as though surgery was the only option and I asked my doctor if I could heal it ‘my way’ by having weekly Reiki treatments.  I was not keen on having an operation! Now, in 2011, my arm is much better. I’m pain-free. In my opinion and my experience the Reiki treatments helped to heal my physical injury.


My Mission?


My intention is very simple, to help, heal and facilitate people on their journey to find inner peace and happiness. Allow me to become the catalyst in some small way through the medium of Reiki which I believe will support you in many ways on your own path towards peace and meaning in your life.


Present Day


I was introduced to the Birmingham Holistic Health Centre in March 2010.  I fell in love with the peace that can be found within this sanctuary. I love doing my Reiki treatments there!